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Prayer Iqama Times

Fajr – 4:00 AM | Duhr – 1:45PM | Asr – 7:00PM | Isha – 10:45PM

Friday Prayers (Jumma)

Jumma 1- 2:00 PM | Jumma 2 – 3:10PM

#SaveRamadan at Masjid Usman!

InshaAllah I am ready to become a monthly donor at Masjid Usman for as little as $1/day.

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Typically funds raised in Ramadan are used to cover the Masjid’s expenses throughout the rest of the year. The #nomorefundraising campaign aims to eliminate weekly fundraising during Ramadan to allow us all to focus on our Taraweeh (and get to bed at a decent time!). If 200 monthly donors sign up for just $30/month before Ramadan, the Masjid administration has agreed to eliminate weekly fundraising in Ramadan… That’s less than $1/day!!!

Of course, we will continue our traditional Khatam night program with guest speaker Dr.Munir El Kaseem, dua, and fundrasing but beside that there will be #nomorefundraising in Ramadan if we meet our goal.

Sign up today and be eligible for cool prizes like Blue Jays apparel, blue tooth headsets, and fitness watches.

The Prophet ﷺ said, “… the most beloved of actions to Allah are the most consistent ones even if little in amount.” [Bukhari]